Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bunny's talking device

Bunny made a brilliant pair of talking devices for communicating. Except it might not work so well due to User Errors.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Trees outside my window

Hello oh lalala everybody (tossing rose petals)~

So my mom didn't buy the excuse that I need to pack and relax, mom said I can relax when I go back home . So I painted again, but only from what I saw outside my window (I'm very insisting on the easy and relaxing bit, I'll be damned if I have to drive all the way out to some place to paint and endure the bitter coldness and burdened bladder for hours).

Something happened to me last night while I was sleeping that I must take note. I came to realize that sometimes while I'm sleeping, I unconsciously scratch myself on the face or shoulders. Last night I half woke up finding my left index finger wondering aimlessly around my nose, it seemed to me that it was hoping to pick my nose but lacking the muscle strength and precision to achieve a satisfactory result. Therefore I decided to help it along but unfortunately the finger failed miserably and ended up jabbing the side of my nose in a rude manner. That woke me up completely. I didn't know who to blame and was peeved for the next few minutes until I fell asleep again. That's all I wanted to share.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Globe and Music Box Render

Oh Lalala Hello Everybody~ (as if the whole world is reading this blog. When in fact my most faithful reader is my mom .)

Speaking of my mom, my mom is a retired high school art teacher, and my dad has been a professor of interior design for over a decade now. Here they are again:

BUT! Do not be fooled by their gentle and non-threatening appearance, because in fact, they are a pair Art Police.

People might be wondering why I post once a week. (actually nobody noticed) But the reason why I post once a week is because I call my mom once a week, and if she didn't see a new post on this blog every week I would be "reminded" that I should doing something about it. And then the phone would be passed on to my dad who never fails to deliver his standard 5 minute monologue about 'sketch everyday of everything', 'I've been at this for several decades I know what I'm talking about', and finally 'If I wasn't so tired with full-time teaching everyday I would totally sketch all the time'.

But I digress.

This week I finished two renders that I've been working on for the last three weeks. If you want to see them animated then go here.

(I was seriously considering saving the second render for next week's post, cause I have a feeling I probably would be too lazy to make any more stuff.) I'd be too busy packing for my trip going home to see my family. That sounds like a totally legitimate excuse!