Thursday, May 26, 2011


This is oil, I was coerced into using oil by my friend for the first time in years, but I'm contemplating buying myself an oil set now. I used to think it's extremely troublesome but not anymore, I can just the essentials and it'll still be travel-able. It's like when you're locked out of your apartment and your phone was out of power and you were forced to ring one of your neighbors door bell who has long scars and missing teeth and looked like he's done some serious time, you saw that he was in the middle of knitting a baby hat and there's cookie baking smell wafting out of his door. The world is friendly and welcoming after all.

The Veela Cafe in Port Angeles where we spent an hour waiting to be hungry so we can go eat at Bella Italia ~ But I think this Veela reference is from Harry Potter. Vamps and Wizards references everywhere, this is my town!

The Fork's Coffee shop again, one of the most saddening thing in the world is when realizing we were too late for pancakes.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Port Angeles.

Twilight burger joint. The posters were kind of faded and curled up at the corners. But I still would go there just because the posters exist; it's like a black widow's web for helpless insects.

No twilight memorabilia on the wall of this one. It was a very odd bar, it looked like it's made of three rooms: normal bar, band stage+dart floor+dance hall, and a junky's bedroom with a dirty mattress in the corner. We had hot wings and nachos (life expectancy -1) in the dance hall and stared at the junky mattress and the bar's bathroom while we ate.

I have grown quite fond of this little room. It's been awhile that I have my own bed so every night I rearrange the sheets to the way I like it and read Breaking Dawn till I fall asleep.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Fine, I'll confess I'm a Twilight Fan. The first drawing on top was Jacob's house (Scream!!!) And for this trip I stayed six days in Forks and bought some very expensive Twilight memorabilia. (I'm Team Bella if you're wondering.)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I went on a road trip up the pacific northwest, through Oregon, Washington, BC and then back down. As a passenger and a person who wants to sketch crawl through the trip, I have to make do with what scenery I see that is not moving. Naturally the means i get to do a lot of eateries cause that when we stopped, and have idle time while waiting for food. Unless there's a very important spot that I have to scream for stops and risk traffic accidents, I usually just go with the flow. Plus my dad kept saying 'you can sketch anything and everything', so here are a bunch of anythings.