Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bunny's Mini-Cloud

Bunny ran into a mini-cloud hanging out in the corridor.

Bunny watched the mini-cloud play.

Wondering if mini-cloud wants to play together.

But mini-cloud floated away as soon as bunny showed up!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Oil practice

I finally bought some oil equipment this weekend, cause there was a 20% off coupon from Blick, which made the price of things slightly more acceptable than a trip to WholeFoods. I only got the bare essentials, six colors, two brushes, a canvas pad, a small can of turpenoid natural, and some small canvas panels. I was going to get disposable palettes but decided to get paper plates from safeway instead. I did my first practice at home from my trip photo so I can work out some kinks in the procedure. But then realized that it's much more comfortable doing this at home than painting outdoors ever will be. I have everything packed in the to-go bag like my watercolors but it might still require a herculean effort to drag my ass outdoors.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


My friend made me play with clay, I made the bunny and he made the mushrooms, and we did I tonal study of it in oil. At least that what I thought we did, I sort of stumbled through the whole thing and I only remembered that I was told over and over again not to hold my paint brush too close to the front tip. I had a lot of fun though, it was really nice painting with a friend. I would like to have more painting friends.

The last restaurant we ate at in Forks. While my husband was paying the check at the cashier, the waitress was eying my husband in a smoldering and flirty way, I was surprised but very intrigued. I pulled my hat down, stepped back a little in silence, and observed her. It was very interested watching another woman looking at him, but he finished signing and headed out, completely unaware of it (probably the only thing he was aware of at the time was his full stomach and tight belt). Still, I was a little proud that my man got checked out.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Bella Italia! It's supposedly where Bella and Edward had their first date, but of course that was shot somewhere else. I was all set on having Mushroom Ravioli, I imagined that dish comes with rosy fantasies with romantic hopes and dreams, but then I overheard a mom next table asking her little girl "don't you want mushroom ravioli? It's what Bella had!" A sense of shame took over me and I went for Cioppino cause it seemed like a more grown up choice for someone whose rosy dreams were deeply buried under husband's sweaty laundry.

A small river near Cape Flattery.