Monday, June 25, 2012

Dressing Table Work in Progress

Modelling and UVs are done (love Headus UVLayout!), now prepping the color concept and gathering references for Mari painting. I'm so glad I took so many reference pictures in Versailles, especially in Petit Trianon.    

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tour de France 5

 A girl in a Lebanese restaurant. I was spying on her behind my sunglasses and drew her discreetly. Sometimes I'm glad that I'm not a dude who might look creepy if I got caught staring at people intensely. 

 A girl reading at the beach.

 While drawing this rocky mountain during lunch a few waiters came by and watched my draw. They were a very nice bunch. Either that or they just wanted to clear my table. 

We went to two towns in the south of Provence that has this gorgeous clear green water flowing through, they're my favourite places during this trip. If souls can fly anywhere, mine would go back and stay there, under the water with the fishes, and just feel it flow.

Life Drawing

Today's model is a middle age lady who reminded me of an older version of Mad Men's Betty.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tour de France 4

 While I was drawing this in the town of Roussillon, a tourist ask me if he could take my picture. Since I'm wearing a broad rim sun hat and dark sunglasses and there's no chance of anyone recognize me I said sure. Also I sat on the edge of a flower box for an hour and my butt got really stiff.
 Had lunch in the town of Bonnieux, it was a mountain top town, the waiter has perfunctorily chippy greetings.

 Dinner while still in Montmartre, it was a very decent restaurant and we came back again. On this trip (or any other time) we seemed to find ourselves in restaurants and tours that populates with senior citizens. I think we are actually a couple of old geezers at heart, we'll fit right in with the 4am crowd at Denny's.  

Bonus post: my darling husband and his many chins.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Life Drawing

Today's model has very interesting figures, she gave birth a year ago so there's some hills and valleys around and it's very interesting to draw. I also bought some brown paper sketch book in France cause I couldn't find them in the States.

Tour de France 3

 The most memorable event of this location near Mt. St. Michel is that I got a mosquito bite on my finger that lasted more than a week for doing this painting. 
This was done inside a very old hotel room. I had two hours to kill and I didn't want to duel on the fact that   the shower is super tiny (when I showered the shower curtain stuck onto my back) and the room smelled like it was built in the 70s, so I made myself busy looking outside the window. Luckily we got a very nice hotel next day, for about the same price too.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tour de France 2

 Basilica in Montmartre. It was quite a magical sight to see a a structure like that and a playground in the middle of  city. Unfortunately you can smell the PAID public bathroom miles away. Nothing magical about that. 
I loved sitting at the back of Notre Dame in that park where there are benches just for artists to sit and draw this lovely sight. Though there's no public bathroom in this scenic spot, not even a smelly one.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Tour de France 1

We went to France for a month. View of Montmartre while stuck inside the apartment all day waiting for the water heater to get fixed so we can take a shower.
 Same view from the apartment earlier in the morning before we realized it will take them all day to send someone to fix the water heater. 
Three handymen later they finally sent the right person to do the right job and the water heater was fixed. We showered. Sculpture from the Museum d'orsay's restaurant, I titled it "Girl washing left armpit".