Friday, February 25, 2011

Trying my hands on Matte Painting

Hellolo Olala everybody~
I'm taking a Matte Painting class. There's a lot to learn in this class so I don't have much time doing watercolor.

The first image is my first idea for the matte painting, based on a sketch I had before, the back story is, sock monkey is taking a risky trip getting across a big cliff to the other side, where he saw something dreamy and attractive. But when seen close up, the object was actually old and dilapidated, it only looked nice from afar.

In the second one I took the idea further and it looked more like a matte painting. The rocking horse is now sculptures coming out of the cliffs, kinda like Mt. Rushmore.


Anonymous said...

you mean photo-comping? :P i used to do that sometimes when i was doing freelance conceptual stuff. You see, that is where all my self loathing and hate came from.
Anyway, the course sounds like a fun thing to do

Kate said...

Well, in my course outline there wasn't a dedicated chapter about how to deal with loathing and hate of oneself, I think that might exist in a Dr.Phil book.

Learning the techniques of matte painting so far has been quite interesting, if I learn it well it might become a good tool to translate some of my visions.

Kate said...

I really enjoyed your latest paintings on your blog btw, they have a sense of calm, like if you hang them in your home they will enjoy a quiet afternoon with you in the sun. Unlike some paintings you look at them and they just shout at you. Reminds me of the basket of pansies the van gogh painted, so quiet and you want to sit with it all day.