Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy New Year to me


How was your Chinese New Year? Mine was bad. If your New Year was not exactly going the way you wanted, no worries, mine was worse.

One disadvantage of not being in the Asian continent while the New Year is undergoing, is that you have no idea when it happened. I think I might have slept through it, with my fever from a bad cold I caught couple days ago. My fever was so bad that my eyeballs hurt.

I thought of calling my family, but I was reluctant to speak, because hearing my own nasal-heavy voice alone makes my eyes water. Plus, what if I called at a time when everybody was already off to the joyful New Year family dinner, that would be extremely sad, for me.

I felt slightly better today, i.e. I didn't wake up with a raging headache, so I decided to go to my neighborhood lake to paint during sunset. It was very cold, I forgot to bring my portable seat, my paint brush felt on to the dirt, and the walk from the lake parking spot to the actual painting spot was very long. But at least my nose didn't leak. Small blessing.

So the conclusion is, tonight I'm gonna make myself my favorite soup and watch Drop Dead Diva all night!

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