Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lake Chabot outing

Ohlalalala everybody~

Apparently I wasn't the only one that got sick this time of year, there were plenty of other people sniffing and coughing and generally being miserable. I feel better now.

Today is the first time I went to Lake Chabot and I fell in love immediately. I've lived in Castro Valley for like a year and this is only the first time I visited this gorgeous lake just ten minutes away from me?! *table flip* Mark my words, I'll be back.

I sat on a pretty little dock on the lake and painted with paddles boats and some noisy ducks around me. I kept shooting those ducks murderous glances every time they startled me with their loud and unpleasant vocal cacophony. And two of them have the audacity to approach me with a suspiciously cute look that dogs have when they are expecting food. I told them I didn't have any.

All in all it was a very pleasant afternoon, I hope I get to come back more often if the weather permits. I might need to bring some food. What do ducks eat?

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