Monday, February 7, 2011

More Lake

Hello everybody~

I discovered something incredible!!

Recently I'm feeling the more I paint, the more I want to paint... This is a direct violation to my lazy nature! This cannot go on. Therefore I did this from a photo I took last week. Because I'm lazy to go outside today.

I had trouble with the color of tree trunk. It looks like some like of twisty snack I had when I was little. Not only it is frustrating that I cannot get it to look right, also I'm massively hungry now.


wren said...

Thanks for painting so much and posting - I haven't been out painting in a while. Maybe we can be painting buddies and you can give me a good excuse to get out there.

Kate said...

Oh!I'd like a painting buddy!

Where do you live though? I'm in Castro Valley in east bay. We should pick a pretty place we both can get to easily.

wren said...

Hey there,
I'm in San Francisco, but the East Bay sounds like a great place to paint. How about Lake Merritt? There are some pretty spots to paint. Maybe Sunday the 20th? Its been a while since I've done Sunday out door painting.

Kate said...

I heard Lake Merrit is pretty but I haven't been, that sounds awesome. Do you mind if my husband Peter comes with? He's usually my chauffeur for outings, so I can be relaxed and not get stressed out by unfamiliar routes. And he's really quite, he reads while I paint.

The 20th is good with me, is afternoon okay with you? Like around 2:30? It looks like there's several parks around that lake, where shall we meet?

wren said...

That will be perfect if your husband comes. We'll put a brush in his hand and get some great landscape work out of him! I'll drop in and firm up the details before that weekend.

Kate said...

Hey Wren, I think the weather these days are not as pleasant as couple of weeks ago, it's cold even if it's not raining. Shall we postpone our outing till it gets warmer?