Sunday, January 27, 2008

Nathan Fowke's workshop

I went to Nathan Fowke's composition workshop last Saturday. It was a full day 7 hour workshop, and it was worth the drive from SF to LA. He lectured in the morning about the four principles of good composition : Focal Point, Balance, Rhythm, and Grouping Shapes. And in the afternoon he did some demos and we're off to do our own paintings of a costumed model, with his supervision.
Man, the experience was incredible. While we're doing our own paintings he would walk around and remind us what to focus on, and give us individual tips. The first two paintings are 25 minutes quick sketches and the last one was over an hour. On my last painting here I was getting a little stuck at one point, and he did a few simple strokes on it, remind me to keep things simple, and miraculously saved my painting! I'll keep his words in mind from now on, he's doing a color concept/theory workshop in late April, and I'm driving down again for that!!


Anonymous said...

just what do u think yer doing driving around ..Learning?!!
i like those pieces! nice arrangements too..

Roger Adams said...

Nice work! Thanks for the description of the workshop too. I wish I live in the area.

Kate said...

Thanks Roger, I like your ZBrush tutorials! Those are very cool :-).