Sunday, January 6, 2008

SketchBook Updates 1

I forgot that I can post my sketches as well. And I learned that I should sketch darker from now on, cause otherwise it doesn't scan very well. hmm.
This is a imaginary greenhouse, and I suddenly realized that over four years of university art school "training", that I didn't learn anything about basic perspective in class (I want my money back). I found meself some readings on-line and practices a bit here. Need a better ruler.

Man, this blogger thing make your second uploaded image appears top, and I have to manually copy and paste it down here, how dumb. Anyway, I went to a SketchCrawl back in last summer, and this is the statue on top of Coit tower (It's the only human-like object that didn't move!)

Also from SketchCrawl. People in Chinatown napping on park benches.

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