Sunday, March 30, 2008

SketchCrawl #18

I went to the 18th SketchCrawl here in SF yesterday, we gathered by the fountain of Ghirardelli at 11am. The pictures turned out different than how I want them to look, but this is the first time I painted outside after practicing painting photos at home, and I almost didn't panic! There were a lot of tourists gossiping and peeking, but it wasn't as bad as I imagined. It was very cold and windy, and I have to blow my nose a lot.
These are painted from photos of my Hawaii trip, in the comfort at my own home, without nose-blowing.

Bunny found a place to set up his slide, weeee!


Danny said...

Beautiful! I'll have to get some pointers from you at the next sketchcrawl! (those were my paintings posted under yours in the sketchcrawl results thread.)

paintopolis said...

You have a beautiful feel for watercolor -- brava! I should have been doing the sketchcrawl down here Saturday but unfortunately, real life intervened. Next time. -- Kevin

Frank Gardner said...

Great little sketches Kate.
First time painting out, or fist time out since the inside practice?
Love the designs of those Hawaii ones especially.

Kate said...

Thanks so much guys! Hey what do you guys do when you don't feel like painting? I've been painting almost every evening for two month, but this week I don't feel like painting anything at all, feeling so tired and lazy after work :-(. Is there anything I can do to motivate myself again?

Frank Gardner said...

Thing is, I always WANT to paint. Lots of times I don't have the energy. I have a five year old, and don't sweat it when I don't feel like painting or can't. I like spending time with my family.
Would rather have good times when I do paint, than stress over not painting.
I don't paint at night. I hate using lights. Sometimes I go days without painting. But when I paint, I like to put everything into it.
I went years when I tried to paint all the time though.
I guess that came from art school and a desire to get better.

Hmmm, inspiration.
Coffee? lol.
Try painting something way out of your comfort zone, just for fun.
Don't take it so seriously that it is not FUN.
Read a good book on painting, like one of these:

Hope something out of that helped out.

Kate said...

Wow thanks Frank! I got the book recommendations on your link, I'll look into them. I do like to learn about painting techniques, cause I know so few.
I find it difficult to paint for fun. I had fun AFTER I did good work. If I did badly that day, I thought about what I can learn from my mistake and eat some ice cream to cheer myself up.

marcello said...

Dear kate:
take a look on this beautiful Monet sketchbook, very nice and poetical.
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