Saturday, March 15, 2008

Landscape Practices

Bunny got himself stuck in a garbage bin and was trying to get out.

My dad said I should practice painting landscape from photo first before I panic when going out to paint real things. Good thing I always took photos of lots of landscape before.


rob ijbema said...

well if these are practise then i can't wait to see the real thing.
these are so fresh,good clean colors like your other'll enjoy it outside

Frank Gardner said...

I think it is best to mix working from photos and actually getting out there and seeing and mixing color.
I am so jealous that you got down to the Nathan Fowkes workshop.

Kate said...

Thanks for your kind words Rob. And Frank, I'm going to Nathan's color concept workshop in April too, hehe :-).

Frank Gardner said...

O.K., rub it in.
I would love to take anything with Nathan.
Landsketch is one of my favorite sites. So simple.