Saturday, February 9, 2008

Monkey see, monkey do.

Last week my buddy Simon mentioned this awesome lady Carol and her blog. It was simply too awesome. I love paintings with big bold strokes and I'd love to learn how to paint with such a care-free attitude. For some reason I imagine people who paint with big strokes are like 'Oh sure. Call me sometime or whatever, I won't wait by the phone though.' And people who fuss over little painting details are like 'Why didn't you call me?? I was waiting for you all night!!' Strange association I know, but to me painting style says lot about the painters' personality. I prefer the first one.

And I'm still doing my small painting everyday, some days better than others. I like the upper right corner one. That one makes me look like the 'I won't wait by the phone' type. :-)


marcobucci said...

nice blog! These little studies are great. And I am SO incredibly jealous that you got to go to Nathan Fowkes' workshop.

Kate said...

Thanks Marco! I learned SO MUCH in his workshop, not just on the lesson materials but also got to see a glimpse of his gentle way of life. I'm looking forward to his next workshop.
Also I think he should really consider doing some on-line courses, I'm sure there's tons of people willing to pay and I don't have to drive 5 hours to get there. :-)

william wray said...

the samll sketchs are a good Idea, I see you hooked up with NF, I love his work. Do more!