Sunday, February 17, 2008

Grandma Eyeball Rupture

My 94 years old Grandma in Taiwan fell down at home again last week and hurt her left eye. Everyone at home was helping her, taking turns staying overnight in the hospital. I couldn't do much being this far away, so I think I'll send her my flower painting, as a get well card. :-P Mom says Grandma's doing fine, she's excited about all the attention and was being very chatty, and interested in why her hospital roommates all have a left eye patch, same as her. My cousin typed 'Grandma eyeball rupture' on Skype. I found the Chinese-English message both scary and funny.
Man, I don't know how to paint flowers. I need more practice, and I blame my hubby not getting me real flowers so I have to paint from photo. :-) Hopefully my 'loose interpretations' of flowers will be okay for Grandma, 'cause she can't see that well right now anyway....


dicet said...

HI Kate

sorry to hear abour your grandma.

Hey, I'd love to hear what you learned from Nathan. I have to say your recent folwer and apple paintings are really nice. I see some Nathan Fawkes touch in there. I'd really love to learn.


Kate said...

Hi Dice,

Yeah I'd love to share what Nathan talked about, but I don't think I'm allow on the web, without permission. I'm gonna be at your show this Saturday, we'll chat. :-)