Tuesday, June 14, 2011


My friend made me play with clay, I made the bunny and he made the mushrooms, and we did I tonal study of it in oil. At least that what I thought we did, I sort of stumbled through the whole thing and I only remembered that I was told over and over again not to hold my paint brush too close to the front tip. I had a lot of fun though, it was really nice painting with a friend. I would like to have more painting friends.

The last restaurant we ate at in Forks. While my husband was paying the check at the cashier, the waitress was eying my husband in a smoldering and flirty way, I was surprised but very intrigued. I pulled my hat down, stepped back a little in silence, and observed her. It was very interested watching another woman looking at him, but he finished signing and headed out, completely unaware of it (probably the only thing he was aware of at the time was his full stomach and tight belt). Still, I was a little proud that my man got checked out.


wren said...

Love the sculpts and the painting study of the forms. I'm a big fan or sculpting reference - I've been sculpting pigs lately. Weather is so nice. I'm going to be in Oakland next Saturday, painting at lake Merritt around 2:30. I'll be near Grand Ave and Childrens's Fairyland. You are welcome to join me.


Kate said...

Oh oh! Saturday the 10th? I'll be there! How would I recognize you?

wren said...

Saturday the 10th. My mobile is 510.604.0094 - I will be the guy with the art box and watercolor pad. Hope the weather is as nice as it will be this weekend. Have a nice 4th of July.