Monday, June 20, 2011

Oil practice

I finally bought some oil equipment this weekend, cause there was a 20% off coupon from Blick, which made the price of things slightly more acceptable than a trip to WholeFoods. I only got the bare essentials, six colors, two brushes, a canvas pad, a small can of turpenoid natural, and some small canvas panels. I was going to get disposable palettes but decided to get paper plates from safeway instead. I did my first practice at home from my trip photo so I can work out some kinks in the procedure. But then realized that it's much more comfortable doing this at home than painting outdoors ever will be. I have everything packed in the to-go bag like my watercolors but it might still require a herculean effort to drag my ass outdoors.

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Anonymous said...

i like it... just say you painted it outdoors and noone will know the difference