Thursday, May 26, 2011


This is oil, I was coerced into using oil by my friend for the first time in years, but I'm contemplating buying myself an oil set now. I used to think it's extremely troublesome but not anymore, I can just the essentials and it'll still be travel-able. It's like when you're locked out of your apartment and your phone was out of power and you were forced to ring one of your neighbors door bell who has long scars and missing teeth and looked like he's done some serious time, you saw that he was in the middle of knitting a baby hat and there's cookie baking smell wafting out of his door. The world is friendly and welcoming after all.

The Veela Cafe in Port Angeles where we spent an hour waiting to be hungry so we can go eat at Bella Italia ~ But I think this Veela reference is from Harry Potter. Vamps and Wizards references everywhere, this is my town!

The Fork's Coffee shop again, one of the most saddening thing in the world is when realizing we were too late for pancakes.


wren said...

The oil is awesome too! You should do more oils also. Keep to the watercolors for outdoor painting - because you rock at it, and the oils for still life work, because they are a pain to carry around and clean up after :).

Kate said...

Oh man you are too kind. We definitely have to do our lake sketch when the weather is nice. I have noticed that nature gets the best lighting at either dawn or dusk... just when I'm still in bed or getting ready for dinner. Most of the time our door lighting is harsh or blase and that's what I get. Have to use a lot of imagination to make the colors work. Also, where do you buy your paints? I like Blick in oakland cause they have big back to school sales every year. I'm waiting to get my oil set then.

wren said...

I order my paints from Daniel Smith. My teacher had me use Daniel Smith watercolors and I only use them now. I think that Daniel Smith also makes oils.