Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Port Angeles.

Twilight burger joint. The posters were kind of faded and curled up at the corners. But I still would go there just because the posters exist; it's like a black widow's web for helpless insects.

No twilight memorabilia on the wall of this one. It was a very odd bar, it looked like it's made of three rooms: normal bar, band stage+dart floor+dance hall, and a junky's bedroom with a dirty mattress in the corner. We had hot wings and nachos (life expectancy -1) in the dance hall and stared at the junky mattress and the bar's bathroom while we ate.

I have grown quite fond of this little room. It's been awhile that I have my own bed so every night I rearrange the sheets to the way I like it and read Breaking Dawn till I fall asleep.

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wren said...

Wow - thanks for posting these amazing drawings and paintings - seems like a wonderful trip. I have to get out and do some more out door/on the road painting and drawing myself. We also need to do our Lake Merit painting session. Maybe a weekend in July. I think we'll avoid rain then.

Great stuff.