Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More Trees

Olalala Everybody! Did everyone got fatter over the holidays?? I sure did. But it is our birth rights to indulge during the holidays isn't that right? There's nothing to lose except maybe a little dignity. Dignity Schmignity!

Anyway, I was busy eating and busy resting after eating for the last two weeks so I didn't draw anything. But I have to get back on the horse if I want to avoid an inspection by the Art Police! And conveniently the trees outside my window today is sunny and the leaves are swaying and my conscience is nagging me so I did it. It actually didn't start out so well, I was a bit afraid that my rusty fat fingers is finally giving me revenge on my laziness, but I managed eventually to finish at least. As to whether it is a piece of acceptable 'a-r-t' I'll have to call the Art Police later this week and see what they say.

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