Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bunny's fondest memories of Grandma

Bunny's fondest memories of Grandma starts with Sunday mornings, when bunny slowly woke up and found Grandma sitting quietly on the side of bed, reading newspapers.

When bunny got home from school in the afternoon, bunny's parent wouldn't be home yet and there's still hours until dinner, bunny would ask Grandma to make warm sugar water and bunny would savor it by the spoonful.

When Grandma visited bunny in Vancouver during Summer vacations, we raked our lawn for weeds and watered our garden, and afterward we sat on the stairs of our back porch in sunset and played word games.

Now Grandma is in a jar, sitting far away on a foggy hill. Bunny is doing its best remembering the fondest bits of our time together.

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