Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fishy on my mind

I dreamed that there are black goldfishes swimming around me in air.
Black goldfish are the most fantasy-like animals that are cheapest to own. But I never bought them before and probably never will. Digital images of any living organisms outlast any real ones anytime.


Simon said...

I thought it's an oil painting at first glance, and then find out it's a digital work. You're pretty good, I have to say.

dicet said...

I somehow stumbled upon your site! Keep it up! Great apple study you got there! ;-)
I went to visit Double Fine last week but you were already gone!
The game you guys are working on is amazing. Oh, also, I loved the 3d translation of Shaun Tan's illustration you did. That's awwwwwesome!

take care and see you soon

Kate said...

OMG! Dice commenting on my blog!! Take out the popcorn again!!!