Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Page Padding!

The first picture is a texture study, I tried to paint a leaf without bump or specular, just straight diffuse.

The second picture is a practice I did after reading Dice Tsutsumi's apple tutorial here.
The onion kept telling me that he's embarrassed to be put together with the apple, since I only had an web reference (on an odd perspective and camera flash) for him, nothing fancy like the tutorial that apple had. He stopped talking to me altogether now since three weeks ago he found out that I actually prefers shallots.

The third picture is the first painting I did in my life that is not a study, a practice, or an assignment. It is an actual a-r-t, with a concept and idea and feeling and stuff. Inspired by my good friend and ex-boss Simon, (who didn't want to be called Cass anymore), who drilled the idea of art into my head.


Anna said...

I like your a-r-t. :D Also, that onion *should* be embarrassed to pose next to the apple -- the apple is a far superior food item.

Kate said...

OMG I got my first blog comment in my life!! This is a big event! I'm taking out the popcorn!

Thanks Anna! You are now one of the people I will thank when I get my Oscars.