Friday, August 10, 2012

公公的相機 Grandpa's camera

A few years ago I was watching my aunt digging through her storage closet and I spotted this old camera in it. I asked if I could have it and no one seemed to object. I've never learned how to use this type of camera and I don't think I will, since digital ones are so much more convenient. However I've since found a bunch of really old family photos taken by this camera which I gathered and scanned into computer just in case one day those old photos aren't around anymore. Those old photos are of my mom when she was a teen and grandma when she was my age now. This camera had been there in the last generation for family birthdays, captured the joy of new born children, and witness the loss of loved ones. It is one of the oldest piece of possessions that this family have, and it is so magnificent and respectable looking with such gravitas that none of the modern day digital ones can ever compete. I'll probably do a painting of it later and keep this camera around for as long as I can, perhaps to pass it on to future generations with stories from the past. 

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wren said...

Amazing drawing, you are so good with so may different mediums.