Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tour de France 4

 While I was drawing this in the town of Roussillon, a tourist ask me if he could take my picture. Since I'm wearing a broad rim sun hat and dark sunglasses and there's no chance of anyone recognize me I said sure. Also I sat on the edge of a flower box for an hour and my butt got really stiff.
 Had lunch in the town of Bonnieux, it was a mountain top town, the waiter has perfunctorily chippy greetings.

 Dinner while still in Montmartre, it was a very decent restaurant and we came back again. On this trip (or any other time) we seemed to find ourselves in restaurants and tours that populates with senior citizens. I think we are actually a couple of old geezers at heart, we'll fit right in with the 4am crowd at Denny's.  

Bonus post: my darling husband and his many chins.

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