Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Last hike of the summer

We hiked this trail three weeks ago after stuffing ourselves with dim sum, it was one of the last few sunny weekends before the rain. After the hike we checked out a near by archery ranch which rekindled my desire to be an Elf again. I'm be a dim sum-eating Elf.


wren said...

Nice painting. After getting to sit and watch you paint, I wonder if this is one of those amazing little paintings you do in that tiny sketchbook. You paintings look large when you post them, but when I saw the real thing, I realized they are tiny and jewel like - as if an elf painted them.

Kate said...

Ah ha! That's where you're fooled! This one is actually 9x11.5 inches. Just when people think you'll zig, you zag! Plus I find with oils, it's better to go bigger, cause it's not like watercolors you can just re-wet, I feel like I have to use up whatever I squeezed out that day so if the area is too small then I'm wasting paint. It's a purely economical concern you see.