Friday, August 26, 2011

Bunny at work

Bunny gives all the fishes a regular spray of water.

Sometimes bigger ones would come by too.

Bunny also gives it a spray, since it seems to like it.

Bye bye come again!


wren said...

I can't tell you how amazed I am by this little set of bunny drawings. There is something awesome and dreamlike with the whale looming over head. It's mysterious, a little threatening, and magical! Amazing Kate!

Kate said...

It's dream like cause I dreamed of it. A lot of my dreams are weird like this, I don't quite know what the best way to capture them is. This set of rough drawings did convey what my dreams are like, but do you think it would be more effective if it's done in 3d rendering, like what you see in movies? cause when I saw them in my dream they are like reality, so I wonder if I should represent it in 3d. I can model texture and light the set but I don't know animation and water particles. So I guess it's just be still frames like the drawings.

emily said...

i would love to see it in 3d. i agree that this is a great image. very surreal but at the same time totally believable and logical (why wouldn't you do a whale a favor of a bath when you've got a hose in your hand?). what did you use to color the whale in these drawings, markers? they look almost transparent.

Kate said...

hehe It's just photoshop la~ I did it quite roughly too cause I was in a hurry to see what it'll look like. And then was too lazy to polish it.