Sunday, April 5, 2009


I'm in a polaroid mood lately, I think almost any pictures instantly has interests when 'polaroized'. Suddenly the present turned into the past, the meaningless became meaningful. But I also heard the polaroid company stopped making the shaking film papar, and I don't think their new instant digital camera produces that old school polaroid look. Does this mean the end of the polaroid era? How sad would that be. (It's like saying to the world: Sorry guys! There's no more cake. Eat pie instead.) I'm sure there are artists out there who's entire life's artwork revolves around the unique polaroid look and polaroid transfers. I guess they better buy up the entire leftover stock on eBay, quick!


ATom1746 said...

Hey Kate!
I just noticed your comment on Scott C's blogspot, so thought I'd check out your stuff and woah, I really like it.
I've just started playing around a bit with watercolours, I'm self taught so must of my technique is a bit experimental. It's good to check out art like yours for a bit of guidance!

Kate said...

Thanks for the comment..Tom? I think you pretty much have to be self-taught these days to learn anything, plus the web is full of info. I'm still trying to get the hang of watercolor, I got it because it's cheaper than oil and they're easier to carry outside. But I'm trying to use them like oil so it's still a struggle. Nice comic you're doing btw!

marcello murru said...

beautiful work Kate!