Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bunny Flys Off

I think I almost lost my life in the playground once. All of my brothers and sisters and cousins grew up in this catholic kindergarten/sunday school place, and they have this metal geo sphere in the playground and it rotates by people pushing. One day I was climbing on the outside of the sphere and a few strong kids started turning it, REAL fast, to the point I was flying horizontal, and barely holding on. I was very scared and embarrassed and my little t-rex arms finally quit and I flew out. Luckily I didn't hit anything, except while being airborne my foot scraped my poor cousin's face who happens to walk by. I landed with a belly flop, bruised and scratched up and still in shock, saw my cousin crying in protest of being kicked for no reason. Apparently no adults or nuns and sisters were around so I went to wash up my hands and didn't dare to tell anyone. And being thick as I am I only remember this whole thing last week, and I drew it down. I wonder how many other near-death experience I had that I managed to forget?


Anonymous said...

great story... i have a strange fascination with nuns and their outfits. I think i need to paint some.

Kate said...

Good for you dude! Unfortunately for me I grow up with at least 60 years old wrinkly nuns, and that snuffed all fascination with them right out of me.