Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lemons are hard

More like, painting translucence is hard. I will have to paint more lemons to practice that. I spend 2 hours fumbling with that lemon, I wish there was a translucence dial I can turn up for that material like I do at work. Oh hey but peppers are not easy either! Hi pepper!

Bunny looking far far away. Perhaps waiting for the train.


marcobucci said...

very cool. Inspiring studies! I will have to try some lemons myself now...haven't tackled translucency yet.

JMahorney said...

no kidding. Lemons are hard (what's a dark yellow?)! I really like your pretty lemons though. Nice high key and cooler colors. Lemony! :)

Kate said...

Thanks guys, I think a dark yellow will show better when it's next to the right contrast color. That's the theory I learned from Nathan's class, a color will look right when it's next to right complement color. As to finding what the right complement color is, it's gonna be a life long quest for me.

Anonymous said...

the paintings are looking good kate, keep it up.

marcello murru said...

Kate I have to tell you that all the Bunny's are fantastic.